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Semi Truck Leasing and Tax Benefits

Row of US Trucks - Semi Truck Financing

What is it that first comes to your mind when you think about a brand new semi truck? Do you think of all the vast business possibilities and ways to make your passion for trucking profitable or do you think

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How to Recognize Quality Companies for Semi Truck Leasing:

Handshake Closeup - 18 Wheeler Financing

Your online searches regarding how to get financing for a commercial truck probably ended up bringing pages upon pages of 18 wheeler financing offers. It might be difficult and time-consuming to weigh them all, especially if you are a new

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What to Expect When Working in a Niche

Trucking is the backbone of the American industry, as they often say, but small owner-operators may find it difficult to stay afloat. Many markets are being dominated by the certain few massive carriers and one of the best ways of

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Why Should You Use A Fuel Card?

Could you do with an extra several hundred dollars every year? That’s how much you could save per semi truck if you use a fuel card. Fuel cards can bring multiple benefits to your owner-operator business. The most prominent of

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15 Interesting Facts About US Trucking Industry

You probably know a bunch of figures about your business, but did you know these fast and fun facts about the trucking industry? The trucking industry collects, on average, $650 billion in revenue each year. That is about 5% of

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