From Company Driver to Owner-Operator: How Lease to Own Can Benefit Truckers and How You Can Make it Work!

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Getting to own your semi truck is not easy for most common folk. Buying a brand new truck can be very expensive, as a simple, reliable semi truck will cost around or above $40,000. For company drivers, this amount is probably well beyond reach. Some of them choose to get a loan, but the process can be long, tiring and extremely complicated. On top of that, there’s nothing to guarantee that a bank will approve your semi truck financing after all the trouble you went through.

But don’t despair. Common truckers still have a chance to fulfill their dreams through great truck lease purchasing programs that allow them to get their business rolling.

Leasing a truck is the safest bet and one of the most secure ways a common driver can get a break in their career and become an owner-operator. As an owner-operator, a driver can make more money, be their own boss and dictate their own schedule. Drivers who enroll in truck leasing programs offered by a respectable semi truck financing company become classified as owner-operators, meaning that they can start making their own money immediately, but also meaning they are going to have to cover all of their expenses.

Lease to Own Trucks

If you choose to lease a truck, you will have to make payments on the truck and the equipment for the duration of your lease contract. After the contract had expired you will have the option to return the truck or renew it. The greatest thing about leasing is that it is much less expensive than a loan upfront, meaning that any common trucker can get the chance to fulfill their dreams of being an owner operator. This is a great alternative for commercial truck financing with bad credit, and one most truckers can afford.

Many semi truck financing competitors and drivers alike look down on leasing, but the fact is that through leasing anyone can get a chance to get their wheels going and break free from the rut. In long term, leasing to own a truck is a significantly cheaper option than short-term truck rentals most truckers resort to. It also allows you to save up some money from the profit you’ll make instead of spending most of it to pay back your bank financing loan.

Can a Lease to Own Truck Business Succeed

Naturally! In fact we have heard many success stories from our clients who started out just as you will. But succeeding is mostly up to you. After you’ve found a truck you like, you need to start expanding your business and start thinking like a true owner-operator. We previously talked about what it takes to become an owner-operator and what it takes to forward your own goals and start seeing serious profits.

Start marketing your services immediately after you’ve settled into your new truck cockpit. Through targeted marketing you can make sure you don’t waste your money on advertising your services to people who have no use for them. There are many great resources to learn from and places you can start marketing your services to small and medium businesses looking for reliable delivery services. Start making friends in the relevant businesses and obtain useful connections. Seek out small local enterprises that don’t own a truck fleet and offer your services.

Online marketing has made it extremely easy to spread the word about your business. Do a little market research to find out who is in need of your services and create ads that appeal to them. Once you’ve established yourself as a trustworthy partner, more companies will come looking for your services and the dream you once had will turn into reality.

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