Truck & Trailer Financing

Where to get truck financing and trailer financing?
When you are looking for capital to invest in your business or cover unexpected costs, you should look for a capital partner that understands the specifics of your business.

Traditional lenders, such as banks or generalist, typically lack a deep understanding of the transportation industry and can be difficult to work with when you look to them for financing. They usually assess whether the applicant is a risky investment based primarily on the credit rating and age of the truck. If you have a less than perfect or worse “bad credit”, you are highly unlikely to be approved to borrow any money from those institutions.

Go Capital is an established capital provider within the transportation industry. We have a deep understanding of the space. We use this knowledge and experience with the transportation industry and the trucking business in general to make better decisions, and we are able to look a lot deeper than credit. We don’t discriminate against people with bad financial experiences in the past – we understand that the trucks have value and allow you to produce income. We are known for working with customers with challenged or even “bad credit” to assist them in accessing the trucks and trailers they need to build their business and careers.

If you have been rejected for a semi-truck loan or trailer financing, contact Go Capital. Let’s work together to secure an approval, get your transaction funded, and get you back out on the road earning money.
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What does Go Capital offer you?
Go Capital offers you custom financing -solutions to help you acquire the semi-truck you need at a payment you can afford. What makes our truck and trailer funding programs special?

  • We offer lower down payments
  • We do not reject applications based on low FICO scores
  • We consider the future income earning potential of your business
  • We move quickly to fund your transaction
  • We understand insurance, titling and registration and we work to make a complicated process as simple as possible
  • We are rooting for you!

With our services you gain a valuable partnership and support throughout the entire financing process. You will not get a one-size-fits-all solution from us. We know that every business is different and we understand that learning the specifics of your business is crucial to structuring your transaction.

You can expect from us for knowledgeable Account Managers who will provide you with excellent service and assist you with srtucturing your transaction.

We are one of a kind
Our personalized, success-oriented approach sets Go Capital apart from other lenders. Helping trucking businesses and owner operators who need semi-truck financing is our speciality. We are experts in the space and it is the only thing we do. We are passionate about the trucking industry, and the people in it. We have a firm commitment to help you build your business.

Your time is appreciated at Go Capital. Our application process is simple and streamlined and we can approve your transaction within 24 hours. We see it as important to deliver exactly what we promised when we promised to do it.

We don’t limit you in terms of the type of semi-trucks or the supplier. Our age and mileage parameters are set to help you secure and asset that will perform. We are here for you if you need help locating the right truck. If you have already found what you were looking for, that is perfectly fine with us. Simply Apply Now and let’s start the process.

Truck and Trailer Financing