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Owner-Operator Truck Financing

Let us help you finance your truck. Owner-Operator financing is where we specialize.

Trucking is a challenging but rewarding career
Truck drivers are among the hardest-to-fill occupations according to ASA’s Skills Gap index. Truck drivers and owner-operators in particular have been in short supply ever since the recession and the industry is clawing its way back to its previous health.

Some estimates say that there have been around 60,000 fewer owner-operators on the road lately in comparison with 10 years ago.

Owner-operators are the face of the economy at large in a way. They are small, independent entrepreneurs that support the smooth running of many other sectors of the economy. Owner-operators have a vital role in transportation infrastructure with a direct and obvious impact on trade and competition.

Every week we witness this impact through freight rates and demand. However, finding truck drivers is harder than ever. For entrepreneurial truck drivers who want to grow into a successful owner-operator business, financing equipment is critical.

Go Capital understands the challenges that are part of starting and maintaining an owner-operator business. First, we take into consideration the challenges that come with being on the road. But more importantly, starting a trucking business requires capital and sufficient turnover to keep things rolling.

Go Capital is here to help you grow your trucking business.
You can turn to Go Capital even when every other lender has turned you down. We don’t judge your past decisions and financial mistakes, we give you the means to expand and maintain your business.

Go Capital is interested in supporting your business growth now and in the long run. We offer you support and guidance on top of the funding, because we believe in partnership. When you succeed, we succeed as well.

What sets us apart from others is our vision. We provide you with financing options structured to suit your business goals, because we understand there is no one-size-fits-all solution. You will find that our lease options are flexible enough for your needs – the deposit, the length of the lease, the payment structure and the end-of-lease options.

We are different from banks because we don’t scrutinize your past for late payments and credit mistakes, and we evaluate the big picture and respect your experience and commitment to earning a living through trucking. We are also different from other independent financing businesses because we offer Owner-Operators tailor-made truck financing and leasing packages and trailer financing options that help your business grow and thrive.