Semi Truck Trailer Financing

Semi-Truck Trailer Financing

We Can help fund your semi truck trailer(s)
All Credit Accepted.

Have you purchased a semi-truck, but are struggling to add a semi-truck trailer? You can rely on Go Capital to provide you premium semi-truck trailer financing.

No credit or bad credit
If traditional lenders have declined your transaction or if you are afraid they will, Go Capital can offer you affordable and customized semi-truck trailer financing. Challenged credit, a low FICO score, or even Bad credit is okay. So long as you have been in the trucking industry, know what you are doing and are going to make money off the use of the semi-truck trailer we can help you get it. We understand three crucial aspects of your trucking business and financial needs:

1) We “get” trucking. We are experts in the trucking industry
2) We understand the value semi-truck trailer can bring to your business
3) We know how to structure a payment you can afford.

We can help provide the funds you need to acquire a new or used semi-truck trailer. Submit an application for semi-truck trailer financing with Go Capital.

What we offer you
When you apply with Go Capital you will be assigned a knowledgeable Account Manager who will spend the time required to understand the individual and specific needs of your business.

Once you are approved for financing, you can choose your equipment through the semi-truck dealer of your choosing. If you do not have provider in mind, we also help you obtain a semi-truck trailer through one of our trusted dealers.

Semi-truck trailer financing packages suited to your needs
We focus exclusively on the trucking industry. This focus allows us to design financing options that other lenders simply cannot provide. Go Capital provides a variety of payment options which can be customized to fit the cash flow needs of your business. Before the agreement is finalized, our Account Managers will take time to fully understand the current status of your business and where you want to take it in the future. We will use this information along with your cash flow needs to understand when you will need to upgrade the semi-truck trailer or add to your existing fleet. We use this information to help establish the term of your transaction and your end of term options.

We are fast!
Go Capital prides itself on issuing fast approvals. We can approve most transactions in as little as 24-hours. 97% of applicants are approved!
Call us at (855) 396-3600 and find out more about our financing options.

Semi-Trailer Financing