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Are you in need of Working Capital to expand or support your trucking business? Or maybe you simply need some extra cash quickly? If you own a commercial titled vehicle, Go Capital can offer you a great solution: Apply for funding.

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What is a semi-truck title loan?
A semi-truck title loan or, “Sale Lease Back”, is a form of financing that is secured solely against the value of your semi-truck. When you apply for this type of funding, you simply need to provide proof that you are the owner of the semi-truck and that is it. No minimum credit score is required.

When the loan is approved, the amount and number of monthly payments are set. You drive off with the cash in your hand and your vehicle. Your semi-truck becomes your collateral in case you fail to make your monthly payments.

Why are semi-truck title loans such a great option?
Three things are the key benefits of truck title loans:

  • You can get the necessary funds quickly.
  • You continue to use your own vehicle.
  • Your credit score is not a factor.

Semi-truck title loans work excellently for people with bad credit or no credit, because your credit score isn’t necessary for approval.

If you have bad credit, or need to be quickly approved for semi-truck financing, it is not likely traditional lenders will provide you the funds in the timeframe you need. If you have a poor credit rating or bad credit, it may very well be impossible to get traditional financing.

Go Capital is the most reputable go-to financing institution for this type of funding, when dealing with challenged credit. Unlike traditional lenders, we understand the unique differences that come with the trucking industry. You can rely on us to make a deal that will provide you with a quick solution for your cash needs.

Who can benefit from a semi-truck title loan?
Both old and new businesses can benefit from title loans. If you are a new owner-operator and need financing to expand your trucking business, a semi-truck title loan will provide you with cash and leave you with continued use of your semi-truck, so that you can continue making money and growing your business. The same goes for an established trucking business that wants to expand, transform or cover unexpected costs.

Semi-truck Title Loans