Semi-Truck Funding Criteria

How We Evaluate Your Application For Semi-Truck Financing

Go Capital works exclusively trucking companies looking to secure funding on Semi-Trucks and trailers. We work primarily with owner-operators, and trucking companies with small to medium-sized fleets to finance their equipment needs. –This results in us funding a lot of semi-trucks and trailers. Our financing options are flexible and affordable. Our criteria are forgiving of a lot of bad credit situations, and many elements of our lease structures can be adapted to suit the specific needs of your business.

Credit Criteria
Go Capital is a leading commercial truck financing company offering competitive funding options to applicants with a range of credit – even those who have had some bumps in the road.

Every client of ours is assigned a dedicated Account Manager who discusses the strong points and details of the applicant’s experience, carrier contracts and general business status before we offer solutions. With that information, our Account Managers are able to offer funding structures and terms that provide applicants with not only the funding they need, but also that provide for their business to cash flow and grow throughout the lease term.

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Equipment selection criteria
Our speciality is truck and trailer financing. You are not limited in choosing the type of semi-truck you want, though you should keep in mind that our down payments and monthly payments are impacted by the equipments value. Newer model trucks and trailers typically mean lower payments with our Preferred Program, because we consider that the equipment will be more reliable for a longer period of time – meaning you will remain in a good position to make your payments. Older truck with high mileage while priced attractively can actually translate to lots of repair bills and time in the shop, losing work and future income all while costing you money. Make sure you select a truck that is going to perform well for your needs. With steady work it is easy to remain in a healthy financial position and establish a good pay history, which will lead to the opportunity for equipment upgrades and better terms on your next transaction Go Capital.

We work with clients who need semi-trucks and trailers. We will also fund Semi Trucks with Dump Truck Body’s. Whatever commercial equipment you need for your trucking business, we help you find a solution to get it.

Who are our customers?
Our clients are primarily owner-operators or small fleet, -operators. Many of our customers have been company drivers for many years and are looking to get a truck to assist them in making the move to be an Owner Operator. We work with customers looking for both trucks and trailer and both new and used equipment. The transactions we fund typically range between $15,000 and $100,000.

Used semi-trucks and trailers are the most requested and most affordable option to lease with Go Capital. We can also provide access to working capital through title loan type products to those applicants who qualify.

Supplier criteria
You have the freedom to choose your supplier. We can work with most dealers, carriers, auctions and even private parties. We can work with you to fund equipment you have already selected, or work to get you approved for funding first, and then let you select your truck or trailer with your approval in hand. We can even help you locate equipment if you are having difficulty locating the truck you are looking for. Once you have a quote, you simply email or fax it to your dedicated Account Manager.

Once your Account Manager has the quote, which outline the vehicle price and options you are looking to fund, we will contact the dealer and finalize the funding process!

We are also able to work with several suppliers on single transaction.

Semi-Truck Funding Criteria