Semi Truck Leasing and Tax Benefits

Row of US Trucks - Semi Truck Financing

What is it that first comes to your mind when you think about a brand new semi truck? Do you think of all the vast business possibilities and ways to make your passion for trucking profitable or do you think about the financial barriers that seem so hard to overcome? Many future owner-operators t... Read More

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How to Recognize Quality Companies for Semi Truck Leasing:

Handshake Closeup - 18 Wheeler Financing

Your online searches regarding how to get financing for a commercial truck probably ended up bringing pages upon pages of 18 wheeler financing offers. It might be difficult and time-consuming to weigh them all, especially if you are a new or Read More

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How to Keep Rolling After Your First Year as an Owner-Operator

Happy Truck Driver - Commercial Truck Financing

We’ve already talked about the numerous advantages of being your own boss in the trucking business. You can make your own schedule, choose your haul and the trek, and l... Read More

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When to Rent and When to Lease a Semi-Trailer?

Truck on Highway - Truck Trailer Financing Bad Credit

One of the most important questions many fresh owner-operators face is deciding whether to rent or lease a trailer for their semi. Either of these options has its own benefits and is appropriate in a certain situation. While a lot of truck drivers own a semi-trailer, a vast majority of Read More

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Why Companies for Semi Truck Leasing Are Great for Owner-Operators

Classic US Truck - Semi Truck Leasing

If you are a company driver looking to purchase a semi-truck and start your own owner-operator business, you will probably run into a few bumps along the road. The largest obstacle on you... Read More

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From Company Driver to Owner-Operator: How Lease to Own Can Benefit Truckers and How You Can Make it Work!

Woman Driving an 18-Wheeler - Semi Truck Financing

Getting to own your semi truck is not easy for most common folk. Buying a brand new truck can be very expensive, as a simple, reliable semi truck will cost around or above $40,000. For company drivers, this amount is probably well beyond reach. Some of them choose to get a loan, but the process can ... Read More

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How to Become a Successful Owner-Operator – Part Two

Though trucking is extremely profitable, the competition is ruthless. This is why starting a trucking business can be an extremely risky venture. This is also why some truckers are discouraged before they’ve even started, and many of those who dare to start still fail. This is likely due to the fa... Read More

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What to Expect When Working in a Niche

Trucking is the backbone of the American industry, as they often say, but small owner-operators may find it difficult to stay afloat. Many markets are being dominated by the certain few massive carriers and one of the best ways of dealing with that challenge is finding a niche. What is a niche? I... Read More

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Why Should You Use A Fuel Card?

Could you do with an extra several hundred dollars every year? That’s how much you could save per semi truck if you use a fuel card. Fuel cards can bring multiple benefits to your owner-operator business. The most prominent of them is smart budgeting, which can in turn increase your business’... Read More

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15 Interesting Facts About US Trucking Industry

You probably know a bunch of figures about your business, but did you know these fast and fun facts about the trucking industry?

  1. The trucking industry collects, on average, $650 billion in revenue each year. That is about 5% of America’s GDP.
  2. It is expected that the trucki... Read More

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