Truck Financing

Truck financing is our core business
Go Capital is a leading expert in financing semi-trucks, in fact it’s the only thing we do.

Because of our specialized approach and focus on the trucking space, Go Capital has the ability to provide you with the capital needed for your truck regardless of your credit score. We are also able to assist you in planning your business strategy and determining what payment structure and term will work best for your business. If you need guidelines on how to develop your trucking business, tell us. While we work with many long time expert trucking companies, we also like have experience working with many fantastic truckers who just starting out as owner operators and have spent their career as a company driver. You may know the truck’s very well, but need some help on the in’s and out’s on getting your first truck up and on the road. That’s an area where we can support you. We have a lot of experience in titling, registration, insurance and working with carriers. We can help get you started on the right foot. It’s what we love to do!

Where do you go for bad credit or no credit truck financing?
Go Capital is your ticket to getting your business on the fast track to success. If you have a bad credit score or no credit, don’t worry about being rejected. Our flexible criteria allows us to approve 97% of applications. We will need to know that you know your way around a semi-truck, have your CDL and have a contract to drive with a carrier or have your own authority.

We know what owner-operators need to support their trucking business. We offer affordable monthly payments and work to help you get out on the road quickly. Being able to access for your next truck will allow you to grow your business and increase revenue. Don’t hesitate to contact us at (855) 396-3600 to find out more about our truck financing options.

Even if you have made credit mistakes in the past, or are currently going through a difficult financial period, you can count on Go Capital. We extend truck financing to experienced drivers with bad credit scores and no credit because we believe your credit history shouldn’t hold you back from back on the road to success. We understand that credit is not the only criteria that determines the success of a trucking company.

We cover all types of trucks
Flexibility and a wide range of program is one of the advantages you’ll find when working with us. There are no two businesses which are completely alike. We offer financing for a variety of different trucking needs, including both new and used:

    • Semi-trucks
    • Semi-trailers

  • Dump trucks


Your freedom to choose
We do not limit you in the choice of truck or supplier. You can choose how you are going to acquire the trucks you need – through auctions, local dealers, online purchases or private parties. You can also rely on us for help locating a dealer who sells what you are looking for if you find you need it.