Semi-truck Financing for Bad Credit

We Approve Most Applications.

We Look Ahead
Do you have a bad or challenged credit rating? Have you seen a perfect vehicle for you in truck sales but cannot afford it? Are your applications for truck financing or trailer financing plagued by your low FICO score? It is very difficult to grow your trucking business if you cannot obtain the necessary capital.

Go Capital can provide you with the financing to grow your trucking business. We specialize in providing affordable payment options for trucks and trailers to owner-operators with challenged credit or bad credit. We are proud to say that most of truckers who apply for some type of financing with us are approved.

Bad credit will not necessarily stop you from getting truck financing or trailer financing with us. Go Capital wants to look ahead with you and help you reach your career goals. Our funding criteria and programs allow for lower scores than many funding semi truck financing programs and take into consideration your credit history, current financial situation, industry experience and references to capture the entire picture. We want to assist you in making a brighter future for yourself and your business.

How do we approve applications?
We take into consideration the present and future health of your growing business and your experience as a truck driver. The reason we consider these factors is logical – whenever you want to go somewhere, physically or in life, you must know your current location and where you want to arrive. That enables you to choose the best route to reach your destination.

In your welcome interview, prior to approval, your Account Manager discusses with you how your business is doing now, your experience and your exact needs. Your dedicated Account Manager will also want to understand how you expect to grow your business by working with Go Capital. This is not a formality – no two businesses are alike and we devote our time and attention to every applicant.

Our Account Managers are highly skilled professionals who understand the trucking industry, and are highly knowledgeable about financing businesses. You can trust them to be experts on providing you with assistance in making financial business decisions that will contribute to the steady growth of your business.

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